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Welcome to the June Challenge!

For this month's challenge we challenge you to write with a pointed focus. We want you to use your metaphorical zoom lens, take us right up close to our subject matter and blur the background.

We would like you to follow the style of a Vignette (or little vine) for this. If you haven't come across a Vignette in name, you're more than likely to have come across one in your readings. It's a commonly used and popular method of providing a short but intense focus on one moment, idea, character, mood, aspect, object or setting.

A Vignette can be used as part of a wider story, or the Vignette may be the story in itself. Perhaps it hints to more going on around it, but it doesn't have to elaborate.

Think of it as a story within a story, an adjunct, an aside, or a snapshot - but one packed with emotion and descriptive language.

Your topic can be anything you like. If you'd like to write a vignette that comes from a story you have already written, please feel free to add a link to the longer work for other members to visit. Please do originally compose this for the challenge though.

You have 800 words to craft your Vignette. The prize for the winner of this month's challenge is a hardback WEbook from the WEbook Store ( OR a US$25.00 Amazon gift voucher (or the closest equivalent in your preferred currency)

The (somewhat) Fine Print:

WEbook will shortlist 6 entries. From which, WEbook will pick one that is the most deserving of this month's prize.

We'll also highlight each story on the blog and see if anyone tries to buy it. If they do, we'll tell them it's a real deal and that they'll have to pay for it!

Note #1: WEbook may not take into account the user ratings when deciding who will win the challenge. We read each submission carefully, and decide the winners based on our own judgment. But this month, we’ll be looking at the user ratings extra carefully!

Note #2: There is sometimes a word count discrepancy between MS Word and WEbook's word count editor, causing authors' entries to appear to go a few words over the limit. Don't worry about this! We are aware of the issue and a few extra words will not affect our consideration of your writing.

Note #3: Only one submission per person, please (you can, however, revise up until the deadline - in fact, you should!).

Note#4: These terms and conditions together with any specific rules set out in prize draw notices (as defined below) are the rules and apply to this WEbook Challenge.

Note#5: The Challenge is open to all registered users of WEbook, and runs from 3rd June 2016 until 10 pm EST on June 30th, 2016.

Note#6: In the event of any dispute regarding the rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to a competition, the decision of WEbook shall be final.

Note#7: By entering the Challenge, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current, original and complete. WEbook reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all submissions.

The rules are simple, yet the results should be anything but.

Good luck and happy writing!