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Here it is, merry christmas!
Well here we are at the Writers Guild Christmas Special 2010! If you're not already excited then 'you better watch out!' because we deffinately are, here in the guild! So, with a warm hearted merry christmas, (season... not quite there yet) I welcome you.

Decided by a vote, this is our next challenge!

Remember when you were a kid, (or you still are,)  there was always one thing that we all used to do! That's right, it's time to write your very own Christmas letter to Santa! Now just before you say "But how can you judge us on a christmas letter (Wish List)?" Well... here's the little twist:

The instuctions:

1.) Think of loads of things ou wanted for christmas as a child, things that you may, or may have never got!
2.) Take those things and chose your three or four favourate! The ones you wanted the most.
3.) All letters to Santa start:
>Dear Santa
>Dear St Nick
>Dear (Other name for Santa)
4.) Your job is to not just list the items you wanted, but to make this letter the most believable childs christmas letter ever! (Not meaning bad spelling and grammar is forgiven.) Here's a little taster of one:

Dear Santa,
                I know your busy this time of year Santa, so I'll try to make this short. Mummy and Daddy have promised me that I would get that super cool Kinekt Kart for chirstmas, but I know they haven't... The truth of it is, my  mummy and daddy haven't got enough money. So to make sure they don't feel bad about not being able to get it for me, I would really love it if you could get the Kinect Kart for me instead. Last year I got...

5.) You are being judged on realisticness, spelling, grammar and all of the usual stuff.
6.) Putting emotion into this piece will be essential for maximum effect.
7.) 500 - 1000 words! This criteria must be met!

As you can see, it's a mixture of a letter to Santa and a story, so here is one of my personal tips - Imagine you were writing  a monlogue.

You have until the 23rd of December, results revealed on the 30th. HAVE FUN AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

~Taking part? Like it? Check out the writers guilds very own group to be posted on any upcoming competitions or updates!

The winning submission to all of the previous projects are all here:

Special thanks to:

A huge support to all of us here! She has been with us right from the start! Thank you again.

Showing dedication and effort, we thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas Josafat.

For the continuous effort and support offered, Merry Christmas wayahowl.

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