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Well then, here we are! Number 8! Just to warm you up to the next topic, let's look at that riddle again:

It's magical and strong, it's messages are clear, from falling off the bed to flying dead ahead!

Magical? Strong? - Could be a powerful source, one that touches you personaly...

Heres the give away - Falling off the bed + Flying? ... These are all types of...

Dream! Yes, dreams! As many of you have shown a great deal of interest in Aubrie's Idea, it has been decided that this is the next topic! Heres what you need t do...

Write a piece in which you attempt to detail a dream you've had! You are allowed to elaborate and bring your full imagination to the piece, giving characters names, inserting yourself into the piece, changing the outcome, etc. The limits are endless! As there was no requested style of writing there will be no rule placed - so poetry, prose or lyrics, anything is welcome!
There is a word limit, but! It's 3000 words, so write your heart out! Remember though, we are looking for quality not quantity, so grammar, spelling and all that jazz, is important!
WARNING!... well, more of a friendly suggestion... all submissions are history checked, to make sure that it has been written purely for this competition and not used in any other projects!

Any breaking of the rules, will not lead to immediate disqualification, you will be reviewed by our team and told if a change is necessary. You will then have until the closing date to change your submission. The competition ENDS 10TH OF OCTOBER...  ALSO REMEMBER you are not limited to just one post! But this means to say no spamming!

~Taking part? Like it? Check out the writers guilds very own group to be posted on any upcoming competitions or updates!

The winning submission to all of the previous projects are all here:

Special thanks to:

A huge support, supporter and the idea's person! She has been with us right from the start! Thank you again.

A brilliant member of the judging panel who we couldn't do without.

A focused and dedicated member of the judging panel!