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"Ready yet?", Crystal called up the stairs. Crystal, my mom, was always the one to ask. She asked if we were ready, how we felt, what we were doing. Daniel, our father, just yelled mostly. Get Ready. Get down here. Stop doing that. I'm tired of this. I don't care. Hurry Up. Don't you ever... And of course, his favorite, if that boy makes one wrong move, he better go into witness protection if he wants to live! And I mean it! Daniel was structured, organized, firm. Nothing out of place. Not a mistake nor flaw, it could be the end of you. He didn't talk, he ordered, then he was gone. Crystal was a bit more friendly. She talked to us sometimes. That was nice. To hear her voice I mean, to have her making time to talk to us. Lisa never cared much what Crystal and Daniel said or thought, or as she called them, the babysitters. She just liked her friends, being at school, going to parties. She liked when they weren't here. Daniel wasn't yelling and Crystal wasn't asking, or in her eyes, pestering. It was calming. I on the other hand missed Dad and Mom. Not Crystal and Daniel. No, our parents before they became workaholics, in a time when we had only one house, few toys, and cheap food. When Mom read to us every night, and Dad gave us hugs. When being in the same room with them was fun, not awkward or distant, and when Dad smiled. My parents used to be there for us. Now, I don't know where they are. But I know where Crystal and Daniel are. Daniel is in Alaska, shooting a video about a beautiful girl who is neglected by her parents, runs away, and becomes a model. Crystal is here in California, not with us, in her studio, but sometimes she visits, working on her new clothing line, Splash! that should be available in a few months. If you asked me what the newest clothing trend was, I would say tight fitted, short, ripped, and colorful, like Crystals new clothing line. If you asked me what the newest blockbuster would be in July, I would say Beauty in the streets, or The Tradgedy Of It All, two new projects by my father, due out this summer. If you asked me where my parents were, I would say "really lost", that, or "gone", and if you asked who my best friends were, I would ask"can I say only one? And does my sister count?". Yeah. Thats our life.

"Ready Yet?", my sister mimicked Crystal. Macy hated the way we were always going, the way it was always "ready yet?", when she knew they didn't actually care. If they did, we wouldn't be switching houses, again, going all the way to the other side of the country. Maybe it would be different if this was a vacation, but it wasn't. It was just one of our other houses, one of our other schools, where Macy had exactly two friends. One always had her doing them favors and running errands. Atleast she talked to her. Invited her everywhere. The other ignored her most of the time, and when she did talk to my sister, Macy usually ended up sad. I felt bad for her. What crappy 'friends'. I could understand why she wanted to stay here, where she had ten friends, all nice. Here, where her crush was, and where some mysterious boy kept sending her roses, chocolate, and cards, leaving them in her locker, on our doorstep, in our mailbox. It was hard enough for her to make friends, she didn't need us moving all the time too. Well, in some ways she like us moving. She has a hard time getting close to people since Mom and Dad died, and Crystal and Daniel possessed their bodies. Moving meant she didn't have to. That she had a reason why it was bad for her to make friends. Because she would leave them behind. She knew that. So if she didn't make friends she wouldn't have to. "Get down here NOW!". Daniel, just back from Alaska. Only here to get some of his stuff to bring to the other house. Huh. Well, atleast I have alot of friends there to make up for the ones here...