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I love to write but somehow, sometimes I don’t get everything right. I use simple words so you’ll understand what I say and I say what I say in my own way. My humor is quite a bit different than most, especially when I’m trying to be a good host. Sometimes in my plight to make things turn out right, I’ll work on it all day and all night. Every day words keep getting in my way, words like to and too, bye and by, then and than, and many more of the simplicities I use, I use in not quite the right way. Who knows maybe if I write something today it might turn out in just the right way. There’s no doubt about it, I find writing fun, I guess that is why they call me the wise old son of a gun. When I write something special it’s just for my friends and most that I write has a means to the end. The stories I write are mostly true but sometimes I add a fantasy or two. Poems for me are a lot of fun I’ve written something like a thousand and one. I like to add songs to my repertoire, funny songs, love songs, westerns and many more. So if you you’ve got an open mind and you don’t judge me to harshly, I’ll give a few of the things I create , after all when I've written what I've written I've written what I've written just for people like you.