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Thanks to everyone who shared their stories. This project is closed for submissions and the WEbook team is reading furiously. Stay tuned for updates.

Jan 20  2009: True Stories, Real People, One Day.

WEbook and its enormous community of writers are embarking on a project that no other publisher could accomplish.  WEbook “Community-Sourced Histories” will ask writers everywhere to pen a short essay (250-500 words) about their unique moment or perspective on a single, remarkable  day.  WEbook members will select the top 50-75 essays in these instant, indelible histories. 

WEbook is looking for you to share your story, and tell your friends who might be right for this rapid and realistic foray into community-sourced history.  Essays must be submitted no later than January 23, 2009 at midnight EST.  WEbook hopes to  publish “January 20, 2009” within two weeks after the inauguration.

If you or your friends want a jumpstart   on this project, email us at jan20 [at] webook [dot] com, share your full name, address and email address, and we’ll send you a limited edition, Jan 20, 2009, WEbook news notebook to record your moment when you’re away from your computer screen and soaking up the excitement.

Here's the really exciting part of this first Community-Sourced History.  WEbook will donate all profits from the project (and all published authors will be asked to donate their royalties) to 826 National ( 826 National is a nonprofit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization with locations in seven cities across the country. Their goal is to assist students ages six to eighteen with their writing skills, and to help teachers get their classes excited about writing.

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