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When a stranger arrives at the heavenly palace, his taciturn nature causes almost as much stir as the shining mirror-boat he arrived in, and the strange coats, seemingly of flayed goose-skin, that he and his crew wear. Who can he be? One person will know: the one who knows all. The Crumbling Prince.

Set in ancient Japan, a world of myth and magic where gods still roam the Earth,  The land has not yet been pacified, and several petty kings vie for supremacy; but the Crumbling Prince is old enough, or maybe young enough, to remember a very different Japan. He pines for the days of technological marvels, and so is happy when a long-lost brother arrives in a flying silver boat; but all too soon they must part again,  as our story approaches its beginning. A sad parting. Worse, the Crumbling Prince knows that even as his knowledge continues to grow, his body will devolve. His speech, almost unintelligible to others at the best of times, will become mere baby-talk. His legs will cease to support him. He will become the leech-child, an abomination, a failed experiment fit only to be cast adrift in a reed boat and left to the mercy of the ocean.

That is his story, and his fate. From everyone else's point of view, however, his story is very different. He will become the scarecrow that stands in every field and overhears everything, although again his legs will not walk. Either way, his  title is a fitting one.

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Author: MTGradwell
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