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Hello again to all the competitors, lets get right to it then. Here is what our topic is this time:

Post-Apocalyptic writing if you please! Thats right, we'll start off by giving you an open theme, any post-apocalyptic situation! Now heres something else to add into the mix, it can be either a small story or a letter from a survivor! Here is the greatest part, size is not an issue, write as much as you want, but remember we are looking for quality, not quantity! By quality, you need to look out for any mistakes, ok, you can have some grammatical errors, but don't allow your submissions to be covered in them, you will lose 'points' as it were.
A little tip:
Our judges will be looking for believable pieces, that bring strong emotion into the text. Also any posts that are found to have been copied from other projects will be disqualified, our judging team will be checking every post!

Well... get cracking, the competition enjds on the 25th of April!

~Taking part? Like it? Check out the writers guilds very own group to be posted on any upcoming competitions or updates!

The winning submission to all of the previous projects are all here:

Special thanks to:

A huge support, supporter and the idea's person! She has been with us right from the start! Thank you again.

Again a big supporter, third time judge, thank you.

A huge help with the judging and great motivator!

Our newest judging member!

Anyone willing not to take part but would like to help judge the competition please message me. One more space left!