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Books: 3 Rounds to Fame

Your ratings decide who moves through the rounds. Top submissions get reviewed by literary agents, and Round 3 winners take part in literary agents’showcase, which gives them a real shot at getting published.


Shorts: 1 Round to Fame

Your ratings decide who makes it! Top submissions get reviewed by publishing pros, along with a chance to get distributed to a wide audience online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is PageToFame?

    • PageToFame is devoted to discovering tomorrow’s writers by tapping into the greatest resource in the book world—passionate readers. In addition to hearing the opinions of many passionate readers, PageToFame writers benefit from the participation and feedback of leading literary agents and other publishing pros.
    • If you love reading, PageToFame offers an unprecedented opportunity to help new writers rise to the top—so put on your “book critic” hat and see if you can spot the next best-seller. Rate short works or first pages of books, and find out what others think. You’ll even get the chance to compare your opinion to the pros’: famous writers, publishers, and established literary agents. Rating on PageToFame is fun, easy, and absolutely addictive.
  • How does it work?

    • Tell us what you’re interested in reading, and we’ll show you opening book pages, five-page book samples*, or short works—like short stories, articles, essays, poems, or blog posts.
    • Rate the work on a 5-point scale, and find out what other people think. For works that are longer than one page, you’ll have the opportunity to give authors more in-depth feedback on their writing.
    • Author details are hidden while you rate. This approach delivers real market feedback and prevents bias and the possibility of submissions rising to the top through “lobbying.”
    • *Five-page samples will only be available to readers who have already rated at least 30 other works on PageToFame.
    • More details:
    • For full-length books:, your ratings—and the ratings of your fellow readers—determine which pages get “elevated” to the next round.
    • Popular books go through four rounds—after the first page, writers submit the first five pages, then 50 pages, then the complete manuscript. Each time a book gets elevated to the next round, a participating literary agent or other publishing pro reviews the work. Your ratings let literary agents and publishers know what real readers want to see on the shelves.
    • For short works, your ratings decide which writers get the attention of publishing professionals and the chance to participate in an innovative online distribution model.
  • What’s cool about PageToFame?

    • Find out instantly whether you have your finger on the pulse of the reading public, or if you march to the beat of your own drummer. As soon as you enter your rating, you’ll see what other readers think. You can also compare your opinion of a promoted work to the evaluation of a publishing pro.
    • Your ratings determine which books and short works rise through the rounds and get in front of the literary agents and publishing pros. The endorsement of real readers like you proves to the publishing pros that a book or short work has the potential to succeed in the market. This could lead to contracts, publishing deals, and worldwide digital distribution for authors that you supported.
  • What’s a Top WEbook Scout?

    • A Top Scout is a reader who’s great at predicting which books and short works will be successful on PageToFame. (And which won’t!) Although Top Scout honors will not be active during the beta phase, we will be collecting data right away—so when the program launches, you will earn points for the good predictions you‘ve been making from day one.
    • You will earn points based on how closely your rating matches a submission’s final overall rating, and even more points for ratings that match what publishing professionals think. This way, even if you go against the grain, you’ll be recognized for your good judgment.
  • Does it cost anything?

    • PageToFame is always free to readers.
    • Writers of full-length books pay a one-time submission fee of $9.95, which takes them all the way from page one to the final round, if they make it that far! Writers of short works pay just $4.95 for a single round of rating.
  • What is the role of publishing professionals?

    • Literary agents and other publishing pros who participate in PageToFame are reputable professionals who evaluate the pages that get high marks from readers.
    • Highly-rated short works will be evaluated by publishing professionals who specialize in short stories, articles, essays, poems, and other short content—like magazine and journal editors, and creative writing faculty.
  • What determines which submissions are elevated?

    • The short answer: Your ratings.
    • The long answer: PageToFame uses a proprietary algorithm that allows us to predict with a high degree of confidence whether a writer’s submission to PageToFame is likely to meet our threshold for market appeal. The algorithm is objective, and uses only reader ratings to score submissions during early rounds.
    • Ratings data is continually evaluated, and when the algorithm predicts that a submission will not receive the necessary high ratings, it’s removed from the process.
    • First pages and 5-page samples of books that make the cut are elevated to the next round after a set number of ratings. Each time a book gets elevated, a publishing pro reviews the writing. You can compare your rating to the professional’s opinion, but during early rounds this evaluation does not determine which books climb the ranks—only reader ratings do that.
    • Just like full-length books, short works make the cut if they meet the algorithm’s threshold after a set number of ratings. Short works go through only one round of ratings.
  • What makes PageToFame unique?

    • PageToFame is fair and anonymous: Authors details are hidden from readers while rating, and particular submissions cannot be searched.
    • PageToFame is friendly to readers: It starts with just one page, or with a short work of under 1000 words. You get to see what others think right after you rate—it’s addictive and fun!
    • The pros are here: Each submission that makes it gets reviewed by a participating publishing professional.
    • PageToFame is an ongoing process: Rather than having specific submission and voting deadlines, writers can submit to PageToFame at any time.
    • It’s not relative: PageToFame gives honors to all writing that meet our threshold for high ratings and market appeal—whether that’s 1% or 100% of submissions.
    • PageToFame leads to legitimate, commercial publishing: High ratings prove to literary agents and publishers that writing has market appeal, which gives writers a great advantage in getting a publishing deal or finding their ideal audience beyond the printed page.
  • How does WEbook prevent raters from giving biased ratings?

    • WEbook employs multiple methods to make sure that PageToFame results are fair and accurate. To start, readers are shown submissions randomly and are unable to search for a specific submission.
    • PageToFame also uses multiple screening methods to discard biased or “gamed” ratings. Users who violate PageToFame’s policies may be banned from the site. For more information about rating rules, check out section 9C in the WEbook Terms of Use.
  • How will top-rated ‘Shorts’ be distributed online?

    • PageToFame has an exciting vision for reaching the thousands of readers who are spending less time in bookstores and more time online and using e-readers and smart phones. We think the publishing industry is on the verge of a revolution that will allow readers to find great new content through this technology. The ‘byte-size’ length of ‘Shorts’ and the use of popular ratings makes PageToFame uniquely suited to bring readers exactly what they want, when they want it.
    • PageToFame intends to build the first large-scale online and mobile distribution network for short content. Top-rated Shorts will be available for electronic readers and mobile phones. They will also be distributed to sites across the internet, matching top-rated work with relevant sites. Participating authors of Top Shorts will share in the profits from sales of their work, and readers like you will have access to great stories, poems, articles and more—any time, anywhere.

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